Battling the Bugs: Controlling Insects Naturally

If you-re an organic gardener, you may find yourself overrun by bugs eating your plants. You don-t want to use harmful chemicals to keep them away. Don-t worry; there are plenty of natural methods of pest control.

For instance, you can stop slugs in your garden by putting out a small can and filling it with beer. Sounds silly, but slugs are actually attracted to the beer. They-ll climb in the can to get to it, but get so tipsy that they won-t be able to climb out.

There are plants that act as natural bug deterrents as well. Mint, lemongrass, basil, garlic, onions, parsley and more are all natural bug repellents.

There are also many items you can buy that you may not have ever thought of as a bug repellent. Cinnamon can be placed around plants to stop ants in their tracks. Salt can be used to cut down on weeds so bugs won-t be attracted to them. Boiling rhubarb and using the leftover liquid on your plants also deters bugs.

There are many other creative and organic ways to keep the harmful bugs away while still keeping the beneficial bugs with you to keep your garden healthy.The information doesn-t stop now. Keep looking: Natural Ways to Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes