10 Tricks for a Bountiful Harvest

Organic farming is becoming more acceptable as the better way to farm. There can be a good argument for the organic farm being the more healthy alternative. Here are ten benefits to support that argument.

1)First, the transition from a traditional farm to an organic one is quite simple. Production costs will actually be lower because there will be no need for harmful pesticides and chemicals.
2)Organic farms account for less than one percent of America-s farms. The more organic farms there are, the less chance of harmful chemicals entering the human body.
3)With an organic farm, there is no chance for a drift from the pesticides, like in a traditional farm, to affect nearby communities soil and water supply.
4)Organic farms are better for future populations. Pesticides and chemicals can be passed to a child in utero, so the less exposure to chemicals for mothers, the better.
5)The soil of an organic farm is much healthier, and goes through vigorous inspection.
6)Organic farmers tend to respect their environment and ecosystem. That leads to more caring about the community around it and how it affects their food supply.
7)There is no risk of genetically modified production or organisms on an organic farm. It is not allowed. You cannot say that on a traditional farm.
8)An organic farm is more sustainable over time, than a traditional farm. Simply because of the stringent practices that have to be run and carried through.
9)The animals are better treated on an organic farm. They are allowed more free time to roam and just be animals.
10)Overall, the major benefit of an organic farm is the food just tastes better. The crop is raised better, no chemicals are allowed. So naturally, whatever is grown or comes from an organic farm will be better.